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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.Customer service Hours
  • What are your customer service hours?

    Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm....closed Sunday's (Eastern Time)

  • 2.Shipping
  • My tracking isnt working or updating!

    please do allow up to 24 hours for the tracking to update. if it still does not show, please conctact us.

  • I messed up, and need to change some information regarding my order how can I do that?

    go to our contact page and fill out the email for us. or try our online Rep.

  • I need my trainer ASAP how soon will I receive it?

    We typically ship out the same day if we receive your order before 1pm PST. After 1pm PST and we will ship out your order the following day. If you are within the U.S. expect your package anywhere from 1-3 days depending in which state you are in. Since we are based out of  florida, florida customers should receive their package in about 1-2 days after cleared payment. If an item is on backorder your order could take up to a few weeks to process before we ship it out. Please keep in mind shipping costs are non refundable.

  • 3.Return Policy
  • I selected the wrong size, color or style etc.... can it be changed before shipping?

    No, Due to us having a high demand we are not able to make changes before orders are shipped. (PLEASE MAKE SURE THE SIZE YOU HAVE CHOSEN IS THE CORRECT SIZE FOR YOU, COLOR & STYLE ONCE YOU SELECT CHECKOUT THE ENTIRE SELECTED ITEM IS WHAT WILL BE SHIPPED).

  • 4.The Difference
  • How do your trainers compare to other trainers on the market?

    These arent your average Steel Bone Trainers. Our trainers are made of the highest quality latex in comparison to other trainers commonly found on the market. You won't have to worry about broken hooks (common amongst other trainers after a few weeks), rods that poke out, or it becoming really loose after a couple uses . Our trainers are also thicker and sturdier and they retain their tightness much longer than other trainers on the market. They are custom made and branded by us to ensure you get the best quality and unique designs not found anywhere else. Better quality means better results.

  • Are your trainers steel boned corsets?


  • Can I just purchase one trainer? Why do I need the two trainers for best results?

    it is highly recommended to use both trainers since they work together to give you faster and better results. The Main trainer is intended for shaping an hourglass figure and being worn all day (it's thinner than the Thermal Trainer) and the Thermal Trainer is more for burning fat and toning due to it's thick and sturdy material that really ramps up a process called thermosis in your midsection while working out. Keep in mind, that the Main trainer is much longer than the Thermal Trainer so it covers more of your torso (reshapes more problematic areas such as love handles). This is something to keep in mind if you have a very short torso. The thermal trainer is what really helps burn fat (inches), so together while using them in conjunction with the waist training program, they both ultimately accomplish a flat & toned stomach with a silhouette of an hourglass figure.

  • Who can benefit from our trainers?

    Our trainers serve a variety of people: Ladies who are very skinny with no curves can achieve more of an hourglass figure by wearing our trainers. Overweight women can lose several inches, tone, and burn fat around their midsection, eventually losing their belly. Women who gave birth can wear our trainers after pregnancy around their midrif to tighten core muscles, to reduce swelling and stretch marks, support the spine, and shrink the uterus back to it's normal size. It has also been reported that since the trainers help correct your posture they could help with back pain. 

  • 5.How it works
  • Can I just wear your trainers and still lose inches off my waist?

    Waist trainers were specifically designed for that purpose, Wearing our trainers alone will only give you subtle results over a much longer period of time. so its best to follow a good diet plan.



  • Do I still need to wear the trainers after I reach my desired size?

    Yes, you will still need to wear the trainers after you reach your desired size in order to maintain your new shape. It is advised you wear your trainer 2-4 hours a day or overnight 3 times a week to maintain your new shape. 

  • How soon after I give birth can I wear the trainer?

    Several women report feeling comfortable enough to wear our trainers as soon as a week after giving birth. It really comes down to when you feel comfortable enough to handle the compression. If you gave birth  by a Caesarean section also known as a C-section we recommend you consult with your physician first in regards to how soon they recommend you can wear a trainer after birth.

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